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Happy Thursday Friends and Families

Another day enjoying the sunshine with our amazing Senior Kindy children.  Zachary, Hendrix and Conner were having a blast riding the bikes around the track and through the tunnel. It was a new friend Colton’s first official day in Senior Kindy class and he was super brave getting dropped off this morning. He loved his new play ground, especially the big swing. Ayla was role playing a Dinosaur, giving Miss TJ a fright every time she roared. Christopher was enjoying the bubbler, filling up a water can and pouring the water over the sand. Harvey, Ryan and Taran were excited as always to come into kindy today, running off to join their friends and explore the yard. Latika was enjoying some cuddles with Miss TJ and then running off to enjoy the morning experiences.

This morning for our group time we looked at some images of the Life Cycle of a Caterpillar. Last week some of our friends investigated our garden area and came across leaves that had been eaten by caterpillars and then the next day we found a hairy caterpillar on one of the leaves. The children always show interest in bugs and insects as we continue to find them around our Kindy back yard. So today we extended on the interest by learning about the life cycle. Miss TJ held up pictures of butterfly eggs, a caterpillar, a chrysalis (a cocoon) and then a butterfly. As a group we discussed the transformation and how to caterpillar eats lots of leaves to grow big before sleeping in his cocoon. To continue our insect/bug investigation we added our squishy insects/bugs onto a table with leaves and branches from the garden. We borrowed magnifying glasses from Kindergarten and played a search and name game. The children LOVED using the magnifying glasses and became very excited when they found a bug, we named a few of the insects and learnt about some new ones with Mr G.

Who doesn’t love getting their hands a bit muddy? Extending on our Diggers and construction vehicle interest we added our small vehicles to trays of wet mud and sand. It was great! Senior Kindy loved having messy mud play inside and were working alongside each other to tell stories, communicating very well.

The children also enjoyed drawing their interpretation of the life cycle of the caterpillar, reading Dinosaur stories with Miss Ana and having another big play outside before we had lunch and had a rest.

Hope you all have a lovely night and for those who are finished for the week we wish you a happy weekend.

Miss TJ and Mr G