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Hello everyone,
Welcome to a Thriving Thursday 🙂

Today, as we started our morning in the outdoor yard, we played amongst some fun and active activities with our friends!
Once we made the transition inside we all joined for our morning group time. We sang some of our favorite songs as we welcomed one another in Senior Kindy.

After washing our hands and finding our seats for morning tea, we then got to explore the classroom in some free play! We got involved in some painting, collaging, color-sorting, role play and building! Each in which provide us to extend on many skills and help us develop!
We also love being free and feeling happy in our classroom environment!

Soon it was then time for us all to use our self-help skills and pack away the activity that we were engaged in, and got ourselves ready for our afternoon routine.
We all came together again for our afternoon group time. We read some of our favorite stories, did a bit of Show and Tell as Harper was eager to show all of her friends some special doctors equipment. She explained how her mummy uses this all at the hospital for her job, and the children loved seeing the real thing as we have enjoyed our doctors kits and dress ups this week! Thank you Harper for sharing 🙂

We were then ready for a big lunch and a quick rest, re-charged for the rest of our Thursday!

Thank you friends for this fun-filled day!

Kind regards,
Miss Leesa, Miss Tatyana and Miss Jade