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Hello Riversdale families,

Welcome to the first day of October! How quick has tie flown by!!

To start off this beautiful day we played amongst our outdoor yard. We loved soaking up some vitamin D, racing, bike-riding and made some food in our kitchen with sand, bark and water. We also climbed up our rock wall and mountain, had some water play and played with our shovels and buckets in the sandpit. We had a great time outside this morning 😊

Once we transitioned inside our room, we sat on the mat for an introduction to one another and our morning songs to help us settle and feel included in this cohort 😊 We also sang some of our favorite songs and performed fun actions together with Miss Parminder! We then made the transition into the bathroom to wash hands ready for morning tea and a big drink of water!

Following that, we had a little group time with Miss Tatyana and read the book “Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you see?”. We loved engaging in this fun story that showed us lots of different colors, animals and people. We were also super eager and enthused today having an open discussion on what we saw and our favorite colors! Good job friends 😊

We then participated in our weekly ARAKAN lesson with Mr Daniel! We love getting involved in something fun and different and we do a great job at participating in the physical activities! Thank you Mr Daniel 😊

Back in the Senior Kindy room, we got to enjoy some positive activities set up, as well as choose our own 😊 We did lots of drawing and used today’s story “Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you see?” as inspiration. We drew the colors and animals that we seen and love expressing our creative sides!

It was then time for us to put our teamwork and self-help skills to use to pack away all of our fun mess before big lunch and rest time. We all played very nicely together and did some great socializing and sharing today 😊

Thank you Senior Kindy for a Terrific Thursday!

Kind regards,

Miss Tatyana and Miss Parminder