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Just a small class of 6 friends today… Zachary. Connor, Cohen, Hendrix, Ayla and Harvey. We all had a lovely play outside together this morning. Zachary was having fun with the animals in the water trough. Connor was rolling a plastic wheel around the path. Ayla was showing off her balancing skills on the rope, holding on very tight. Harvey and Cohen were over at the fence spotting certain cars. Harvey was very clever pointing out the types of cars like Toyota and Mitsubishi. Cohen and Harvey then spotted a red and blue car together. Ayla was relaxing on the swing while Hendrix used his muscles to push her side to side.  Inside for our group time we sang ‘people all around the world’ then went around the circle asking the children to count to 10. They all did an amazing job, we are getting better every day. The children wanted to show and tell me the colours on their clothing as a transition to activities.

Extending on their fine motor practice with the pegs this week we creating an activity where the children had to hang clothes on the washing line. We used some wool as the washing line and printed off some clipart clothing. The group were very excited to have a turn at hanging up the washing. The activity was great practice as the children focused on holding the item of clothing in one hand over the wool and then using the hand to place the peg over. Miss TJ helped to demonstrate how to peg the clothing on and the children took on the instructions very well.  We counted how many clothing items they place on the line at the end. It was a huge hit and the children were very proud of their efforts. Children’s voice during Washing Line game:

Connor- 3! 3! More more. Look Miss TJ.

Hendrix- I did it!

Zachary- Blue. White and blue pants. Oh peg! I lost him. I did it!

Ayla- Look. Mum and Dad will be so proud of me.

Harvey- Pants. Look whats that? A shirt. I wear just like that. 1, 3, 9 blast off!

We had a bit of a dance party, playing the musical instruments, spinning around the ribbons and playing under the parachute with Mr G, before our Arakan lesson up in the outside classroom. Lots of fitness and exercise for our bodies today!

The group also enjoyed their favourite activity…THE OCTONAUTS! They also explored the home corner and doing beautiful big pictures on the A3 easels. To calm our bodies down before lunch we lay down on a pillow and practiced our belly breathing and then listened to ‘The Ginger Bread Man’ story.

Hope you all have a lovely afternoon

Miss TJ and Mr G x