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Happy “Terrific Thursday” Senior Kindy Families,

We hope you all have had a beautiful Terrific Thursday. We begin our morning with the arrival of our students in our outdoor yard. During this time we allow our children to explore and adventure out in the yard and participate in a variety of spontaneous choices of play. These include sandpit play, bike track riding, creating role play in the outdoor home corner section and participating in obstacle courses. As we transitioned inside we welcomed and acknowledge all children and educators who arrived for today’s lesson. Today we welcomed Luca, Parker, Lachlan, Henry, Rumi, Hunter, Hudson, Dominic, Gabriella, Nayla, Zahra and Grace. We said our good mornings to Miss Aaliyah, Miss Tayla and Miss Bec.

Just after we completed our morning tea, we sat down with Miss Aaliyah to continue our discussion on Space week. We continued to watch and observe a collection of visuals that talk about the concept of the solar system and the importance of the sun. Our children were extremely fascinated by these visuals as it not only teaches our children the basics of the planets but allows them to socialises, dance and bond with one another. We sung a variety of songs just before we allowed our students to enjoy free play. Allowing our students to have the opportunity to be involved in free play not only stimulates their social and communication skills by talking to one another during play, but it allows us as educators to create observations and find what our children’s current interests are. Providing our class with spontaneous play also provides educators with follow-up experiences, allows our children to be independent, free and utilise their personality, creativity and imagination to the best of their ability. Throughout our free play, we found Luca, Zahra and Henry practising their tracing and fine motor skills with drawing templates. Gabriella, Parker, Grace and Nayla completing complex puzzles. Hunter, Dominic, Lachlan and Hudson playing with our race cars and creating paper airplanes with Miss Tayla. Just before our rest-time period and lunch time, we had Mr. Dan come in to complete our children’s weekly martial arts class. Our children were extremely engaged with this experience as our children love to enhance and work on their physical development.

Overall, we had a very relaxed yet fun-filled Thursday and we look forward to seeing you next time. Thank you 🙂

Miss Bec, Miss Aaliyah and Miss Tayla xx