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Happy Thursday families and friends…

What a super fun day of fun, learning and play in the Senior kindy room today. This morning the children were excited to explore the indoor environment and engage in a variety of play experiences. Miss Leesa collected the farm and zoo animal felt stories as an extension on the puppet and felt story play yesterday. The children were excited to have a turn as Miss Leesa and Harper sang ‘Old McDonald’s Farm’ as the children helped identify all the different felt animals. Connor requested the finger and hand puppets and Alek and Christopher joined in to sing ‘Galomp’ and ‘Mr Frog’ as the children performed their own puppet show. The children displayed such confidence as they sang and performed for their peers.

The children were then given the opportunity to express their creativity with water colour painting. Cohen, Lachlan and Connor successfully placed their own paint shirts on as they settled at the table to paint. Lachaln said, he was painting ‘circles – round and round’, Cohen said he was painting a ‘spider’. All the children engaged in this experience and displayed beautiful sharing skills as they patiently waited their turn for the paint tray.

Yarn time today the children chose ‘Were going on a Bear Hunt’ story from the book shelf. Connor and Christopher helped read along to the story as the children interacted and pretended to walk through the mud, long grass, snowstorm and swim the river to search for the bear who was hiding in his cave. This afternoon we all decided we could go on a pretend bear hunt in the playground after our afternoon tea.

Latika then joined the group and was excited to engage in role play in home corner with our new washing up sink and cook stove. The children all joined in to bake cupcakes, make coffee and mix cakes with the play coffee machine and mixer. Alek invited Miss Leesa to join him and his friends in  home corner as he happily shared the variety of treats he had gathered in his shopping basket including tacos, pizza, fruits and vegetables. The children had so much fun engaging in role play as took part in conversations and identified roles.

Other play experiences today included puzzle play, transport play, playing sleeping bunnies and songs with actions.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa