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Happy Thursday

This morning Ellie and Chihiro were working as a team to build a “bridge”. Kaylee was role playing in the wooden boat with her friend Indi. Our new friend Zachary was playing a game of throw and catch with Zander. Zander soon joined his brother on the climbing ropes, swinging upside down like monkeys.

Once inside we invited Zachary up to introduce him to his new class. One by one the children told Zachary their names and then waved to him. It was very sweet! The whole day the children were looking out for Zachary and helping him with a few things such as how to push the tap on. Together we sang along to ABC as Zachary has been practicing this song at home. We played the feelings sorting game again before making our way to the activities.

The children were so excited when I told them we would be baking today. Last week the children combined in the kindergarten room and participated in a baking class. They had so much fun that I thought we could bake in our room. In pairs the children washed their hands and then made their way to the table. We read the vanilla cupcake box and looked at the ingredients needed. Kaylee and Chihiro said we need “milk, 2 eggs and cheese”. Although the photo did look like cheese, we thought butter might taste a bit better in the cupcakes. Chihiro and Kaylee cracked open the two eggs, Zander and Ellie poured the milk in, Zahra and Asher poured the egg in and Zachary poured the melted butter into the bowl. Everyone helped mix the ingredients around with the whisk before we placed them into the cupcake tray ready for the oven. We are all so excited to eat them this afternoon!

Since the children have been having so much fun with the large blocks out in the yard, we brought them inside to do some more construction. Our friend Zachary loves trucks, so we brought the big trucks and diggers inside too with some rocks to pick up and move around.

After our baking Miss TJ put scrap paper and scissors on the table. The children practiced their fine motor skills and their scissor grip while trying to cut the paper. It was a bit tricky at first, but we focused on having our thump on top, our elbow by our side and saying open, close, open, close! Zander was very persistent with the scissors and enjoyed cutting up small pieces of paper. He said, “I’m making a diamond. It’s got 10 legs. It’s a ghost diamond”.

Zachary loved playing with the dinosaurs at the grass table. Ellie, Chihiro and Zahra were playing parties in the home corner. Everyone was dressing up for the event. Chihiro said “We’re having a picnic”. Ellie said, “We ready for the party!”

We headed outside in the fort for our Arakan Martial arts lesson with Mr Dan. We practiced high fives with our left and right hands, kicking a ball through Dans legs and doing a couple patterns such as hands on heads, hands on stomachs and then hit with right or left hand.

We made our way under the fort to the sand pit for a play before coming inside to spend 5 minutes laying on the mat to calm our bodies down, doing belly breathing.

Enjoy the rest of your day

Miss TJ