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Happy “Terrific Thursday” Senior Kindy Families,

We hope you all have had a beautiful Thursday. To begin our morning, we first welcomed and acknowledged all children who were present for today’s lesson. Today we welcomed Archie, Dominic, Hunter, Luca, Parker, Goku, Rumi, Lachlan, Finley, Gabriella and Zahra. For today’s class we welcomed educators Miss Aaliyah, Miss Tayla and Miss Jade. As we begun our daily morning group-time we read a variety of stories and sung a collection of songs with Miss Aaliyah. We like to utilise this time for our children to further extend on their social skills by sitting together and enhancing their vocabulary skills by reading stories and learning new words. 

As we transitioned for morning tea, our martial arts instructor came along and paid us a visit. We then spent our morning performing in martial art routines, while Miss Aaliyah and Miss Jade planned our experiences for the day. Dividing into groups, Miss Jade brought along 5 of our students to create outdoor Anzac Day paintings, while Miss Aaliyah had our second group participating in Yellow Quick Sand and dinosaur play. Both groups of children were extremely fascinated and engaged within the experiences that were set out. Not only are our children enhancing their social, fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills but they are learning to cooperate, take turns and most importantly enjoy their time learning amongst their friends and teachers. 

As we completed our lunch-time and rest pause period, we placed on our hats, sunscreen and shoes to enjoy the afternoon outside weather just before our families arrived for pick-up. During this time our children were extremely engaged with the motorcycle dirt bike track, climbing the grass hill, adding water to our rocky river and playing in the underground sand-pit. Overall, we have had an amazing Terrific Thursday and we look forward to seeing you next time. 

Thank you 🙂 

Miss Aaliyah, Miss Tayla & Miss Jade.

REMINDER: it is absolutely amazing to see our lovely families sending through family photos for our family tree display. if you haven’t done so yet, be sure to email or drop off a photo of your child with their family to our centre’s email or to the front office/Senior Kindy classroom. thank you