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Good afternoon families and friends!

Another beautiful day it was. The Senior Kindy children asked to have a picinic outside this morning for our morning tea. They love sitting all together on the picnic blanket having discussions. Today’s discussion was all about ‘What can we see in the sky’. Zahra said that she can see a ‘tree’, Ellie said she could see a ‘Birdy’. Asher was using his hands as binoculars to see.

Zahra was very excited to shared her Nursery Rhymes book with the class for BOOK WEEK. Zahra sat up on the chair turning the pages while Miss TJ sang along to the words. Chihiro and Kaylee started to sing along to some of the more well known songs like ‘Insy weensy’ and ‘Rain rain go away’. Thank you for sharing Zahra. Our friend Ellie also brought in some books to share with the class. Cinderella and an Easter hunt book. We played a game of ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ before our Martial Arts lesson. The children all went to sleep while Miss TJ was singing and then hopped up to jump like bunnies and then snap like crocodiles.

Arakan Martial Arts: Today’s lesson was so much fun. We played a game of walk and freeze to get our listening ears working and our bodies warmed up. We did a couple of running races before practicing some blocking and hits.

Inside Asher asked “Can we do drawing” . So we brought out our crayons and some paper. When we asked Asher what he was drawing he said “a cammowery” (Cassowary). Kaylee said “I want to play doll house”. Over in the home corner Ellie, Zahra, Chi and Zander were all enjoying the play mobile phones, caring for the baby dolls and cooking in the kitchen. It was so cute to stand back a listen to their conversations to one other especially over the phone.

Zahra- “I’m making chocolate milkshakes”. Zander-” Can I have one? Hmm it’s yummy, I’ve got to mix it up”

(Chi and Ellie talking over the phone)…Ellie- “Bring bring. My babies in the shopping centre”. Chihiro- “Hello, bye mum bye. I’m going to the doctors, bye”

The children also enjoyed the small, medium and large picture puzzles and role playing dinosaurs at the grass sensory mat.

Before lunch we ventured off outside under the fort in the shaded sandpit. We grabbed spades, buckets and other sandpit tools for the children to use. Chihiro was having lots of fun spinning around on the swing. Ellie, Zander, Asher, Zahra and Kaylee were making ice cream, cupcakes and soup with the sand.

Hope you all had a lovely day

Just a reminder: We are having a Father’s Day evening next Thursday 29th August from 5-6pm.

Miss TJ