Welcome to Senior Kindy!

Today we have had a wonderful day. Starting outside in our new and improved playground, the children were all super excited and keen to get in on the action! Riding balance bikes, racing down the slides, playing tag with our friends, build towers with giant building blocks and digging for dinosaur bones in the sandpit. We even had a surprise visit from a number of frogs which certainly ignited a lot of interest and curiosity among the children which we later dove

Moving indoors, the children enjoyed some light refreshments for morning tea before before we came together on the group mat to sing our hello song, welcoming everyone by name to Kindy and also learn more about each other ie what our favorite colors are etc. With every one still engaged on the group mat we dove further into and explored the wonderful and curious wold of our newly discovered amphibian friends the frog. The frog has certainly captured our curiosity today.

After group time the children where invite to some free play before a visit from our Arakan sensei Mr Daniel. Once back inside a range of educational activities where set out for the children. We also made some vegan vegemite scrolls as a class for our bush fire relief bbq fundraiser tonight. The children had a lot of fun rolling out the special pastry, spreading on the gluten free vegemite, sprinkling on the dairy free cheese and rolling them up into delicious bite size scrolls ready to go in the oven!

As the morning pressed on before we knew it, it was time for lunch! Today’s menu, deconstructed sushi with brown rice, tuna, green beans, cucumber, carrot, corn, avocado and broccoli. This was certainly a crowd favorite!

With our tummies full and our beds all laid out it was time to have a rest. Every one is currently having a very peaceful sleep recharging their batteries as they prepare to jump into an afternoon full of more activities, if the weather holds up we might go outside for an afternoon picnic and play outside.

Overall today has been a wonderful day and really great to see the children coming together as a class, friendships growing and working together so well as a team supporting, encouraging and inspiring one another!

Happy Wednesday from all of us here in Senior Kindy!



Mr G & Miss TJ