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The Senior Kindergarten children were having a blast this morning out in the yard, climbing the grass hill, having “a party” in the tunnel and exploring the outdoor activities.

To warm up our voices, we sang along to our new learning song ‘Days of the Week’ which goes to the tune of ‘The Addams Family’. During the song we practice counting the days of the week with our fingers. The children have been discussing their feelings lately. Today we continued to learn about our emotions. This allows the children to develop an emotional vocabulary so they can talk about their feelings and identify feelings in others. At group time Miss TJ showed the children a couple photos of children’s faces having different emotions such as surprised, happy, angry and sad. The children were then asked, “How do you think they are feeling?”. Going through each picture, Ellie said “The dark makes me SCARED’. Asher said, “When I get pocked in the eye, I feel SAD”. Transitioning off to our Arakan lesson the children came up one by one and pointed to a picture, told me the emotion and then show me how they do that emotion on their face.

Our friends Zahra arrived with her Grandparents after having a little holiday down in Kingscliff. Zahra was very excited to share that they swam at the beach and even had ice cream! Thank you for sharing Zahra!

Arakan Martial Arts was so much fun as always. The children practiced a lot of hand eye coordination and taking turns. Their favourite is the running races!

It was then time for activities. On one table we had Pumpkin craft which is following on from our Halloween theme. The children were given a whole bunch of shape cut outs to glue onto their pumpkin shaped piece of orange paper. We spoke about the emotions and how they could make their pumpkin happy, sad, angry etc. Each child’s pumpkin was unique and had been put together nicely. They look awesome hanging in our room!

We brought out the play dough again with the Halloween themed mats for inspiration when creating. Children’s voice:

Ellie- The bat has got powers to sting you. It’s not good!

Chihiro- I’m make a gone spider. Spiders make me angry.

We also chose to play with our new Lego set and match box cars on the car mat.  Jaxon told me “We’re sharing”, as he passed a car to his friend Zander.

Yesterday we made our home corner area a little bit bigger for more space as this is one of our favourite places to play. The children were role playing families today. Zahra was rocking Ellie who was role playing a baby sleeping in the baby’s cot. Zahra sung “Rock-a bye baby on the treetop”. Chihiro was ready with her bags and trolley when she said to Zahra and Ellie, “Come on let’s go, we are going to be late”. Kaylee soon joined them rocking Ellie too. Zander and Asher were dressing up to go for a swim. Zander said, “This is my beach jumper!”. Asher got dressed and said, “Let’s go swimming”.  They then jumped into the pool and swam with their friend Jaxon.

Hope you all have a lovely afternoon!

Miss TJ