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Hello families,

Hope you are all having a happy Thursday!

After starting our day outside soaking up some Vitamin D, we made the transition inside and sat on the mat for our morning yarn time 😊 We sang our Good Morning songs and washed our hands ready for morning tea!

After packing away our morning tea and having a big drink of water, it was time for a little group time for an introduction to Today’s lessons 😊

First, we read a story today with Miss Kate called ‘Let’s Learn about Sustainable Living’. The book entailed the topic of sustainable living and ways we can implement it in our everyday lives. It was a great way to educate the children and help build their understanding on the topic. After the story, we had a little group discussion about gardening and sustainable living. We love open discussions as a cohort 😊

We then got the opportunity to have a play inside the room with some table activities set up for everyone. There was puzzles, play-dough, chalkboards and coloring in! A good variety of different learning experiences is great to extend their development through  sensory, fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination and concentration activities!

As we were engaged in some inside play, we got a visit from Mr Daniel for our weekly ARAKAN lesson! We did such a great job with following his instructions and our participation today, awesome job friends!

We then got to be involved in a very special experience today, which included our recycled containers, water and our enthusiasm! We got to be apart of watering the Kindy veggie garden!! As Miss Kate took us to water the garden, we also went past our worm farm and water tanks and learnt a lot along the way 😊 It was such a positive and educational experience that reflected on the book we read today and our overall topic of Recycling and being sustainable in our world! 😊

It was then time for us to help each other pack away and get ready for some lunch and rest our little bodies.

Thank you friends for such an awesome and fun-filled Thursday!

Kind regards,

Miss Tatyana and Miss Kate