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Happy Thursday Families

Today in the Senior Kindy room we had a lovely little class with Zander, Asher, Ellie and Chihiro! This morning the children got involved with the martial arts teacher doing running races and hitting the padded glove with our hands. The children were great at following instructions and couldn’t stop giggling when they were racing!

It was Chi’s first day in the Senior Kindy room and she did such a great job. Chi asked if we could do some painting and the other children all agreed. We did a group painting today of three big A3 pieces of paper as a group project. We will be using the handprints that we did yesterday as leaves and the brown paper that we painted today as a tree trunk for our room to display family tree photos in. If you have any photos of friends and family that you would like to bring in to share with the class that would be awesome!

Our activities today were chosen by our friends. Zander chose to pull out the felt story boards and pieces to role play stories. Ellie joined in and started to collect all the pieces with numbers on them. The children were having so much fun with our baby dolls and prams pushing them around the room and then making a lovely bed for them in a bag. They then read their babies stories in the book nook. The group explored around the room playing with the doll house and cars mat when Miss TJ could here Chi and Ellie singing ‘Wheels on the bus” together. Asher and Zander joined in on the song while Miss TJ put it on the speaker along with other nursery rhymes for us to sing and dance to.

Before heading outside we had a group time on our mat reading “Rattle and Rap” which was chosen by Asher. The book was about a trains journey and the noises we hear through the travels. Ellie said “I think that train is going to the beach, just like I went to”. We then played a game of ‘Sleeping bunnies’ where the children go to sleep while Miss TJ sings a song then we wake up and we Hop Hop Hop around on the mat. Outside Asher, Zander and Ellie were working together to make cookies in the outside kitchen using mittens and buckets. Chi was fascinated by our water pump.

After a big day of having fun and running around in our new classroom the children all grabbed a pillow and then were fast asleep Zzzz!

Have a great afternoon x

Miss TJ