Hello families,

Happy Thursday!

We started our day soaking up some vitamin D and having fun exploring outside! There was bike races on the bike track, a painting station set up, some water play, swinging on the swings and rope swing, rock climbing and imaginative play with costumes and dinosaurs. We love our morning play outside 🙂

Once we made the transition inside, we had our morning Yarn time with Miss Leesa. After welcoming one another, singing our introduction song and our ‘acknowledgement to country’, we dived into a new book ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’, which followed on from our topic of farm animals! It was a very fun book that also involved some singing 🙂

After washing our hands, we sat at our tables for morning tea and then enjoyed some indoor play! There was lots to chose from today and we all had our own fun with a bit of everything such as table activities to building activities, to role play in home corner, to arts and craft, to reading books and to the cars on the car mat. We made the most of our inside play today 🙂

Soon after, we participated in our weekly Arakan Martial Arts class with Mr. Daniel! We always get so excited to see him and participate in the classes! Thank you Mr. Daniel.

Once we transitioned back to our room we had our afternoon Yarn time and sang some of our favorite songs and were showed some new character friends who wanted to say hi, like our alien balls and Mr frog puppet. We love being engaged in yarn time 🙂

Thank you everyone for a terrific Thursday! We hope you have all enjoyed yours too 🙂

Kind regards,

Miss Leesa and Miss Tatyana