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Hello families!

This morning we welcomed our friends Hudson, Rumi, Dominic, Lachlan, Nayla, Henry, Ella, Grace, Parker , Luca, Hunter, Zahra and Archie. The children spent their morning in the yard exploring and climbing. The children have really been enjoying the obstacle courses each morning and love the different set ups. We then heard our lockdown code from Miss Emma, so we quickly gathered and hid in our lockdown area for a drill. Our children did so well and listened beautifully. We then washed our hands, and sat down for morning tea.

After morning tea, we had a group time with Miss Tárn where we read “That Alpaca ate my cracker”. We loved watching the journey of trying to get the cracker back. We then sang some songs before transitioning to our activities. Today we did some more “Reconciliation Week” activity. The children placed their hands on black paper, then used a spray bottle with white paint to spray around their hands. This formed an amazing look on the paper, we cannot wait to hang these up! Dan then came for Arakan, where we learnt some new moves. The children then engaged in some free play, where we left the doors open for them to roam in an out. Most children decided to play outdoors, and some chose indoors with the blocks, cars and animals.

NOTE: We are planning to do an activity where the children share stories about their family using their family photo. We would love all children to participate, so if you haven’t already, please bring in your family photo. 

What a beautiful day!

Love Miss Bec, Miss Tárn and Tayla xx