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Good Afternoon

Happy Thursday everyone! This morning the Senior Kindy children enjoyed the outside play together. Today there was a doll house set up on a table which the children enjoyed very much. Asher and Zachary were role playing down by the back tree on the wooden boat. Zachary was driving while Asher cleaned the boat and then chopped down the house next door as it was a “old house”.

For our morning group time, MIss TJ told the children that there are only a few more weeks until Christmas. We all agreed that we should put some decorations up around our room and also decorate the room with our Christmas craft. We grabbed the musical instruments out again and played our two new favourite Christmas songs Jingle Bells and Santa Claus.





Arakan Martial Arts with Mr Daniel


Yesterday we did a group Christmas craft where the children helped to paint and decorate a Christmas wreath that we had made from some leaves on a branch. Today the children made their own individual wreaths using a cardboard cut out, christmas colour paints, glitter and coloured wooden sticks.They are going to look so amazing up on our window! Children’s voice:

Zahra- This ones Santa’s wreath. One day I went to the shoppies and saw Santa. I sat on my grandma’s lap for the photo.

Asher- I’m doing spots. All different colours

Kaylee loves our new felt Christmas tree decorating. Kaylee said “This is for Santa”.

Chihiro and Ellie both enjoyed stacking the pin board shapes like tall towers. They continued to add pieces until the towers fell down. Children’s voice:

Ellie- Wibble wobble, wibble wobble.

Chihiro- Mines bigger!

Zachary went straight over to the cars and found small cars and big cars to play with. Zander also enjoyed the cars and mat out. Children’s voice:

Zachary- This one, that one, cars, trucks.

Zander- This is getting someone that’s trapped in here. This is a helicopter.

During activity time we listened to a Christmas album. I added a cute video of Ellie singing and dancing along to Santa Claus is coming to town.



Today we also wrote letters to Santa to let him know if we have been BAD or GOOD boys and girls. They all answered that they have been good children which I’m sure Santa will be very pleased with. The children also told me what they would like for Christmas. Some of their responses were so cute! The children signed off their names and drew pictures for Santa at the bottom of the page before we folded them up and placed them in the Christmas mailbox at reception. Hopefully we get a response back from Santa in the coming days.

Lastly the children helped me wrap up two presents to go under the Christmas tree at reception that are going towards charity. The children were very curious as to who these presents were for. MIss TJ explained to the children that some families may not have enough money to buy each other presents so we are going to help put smiles on their faces by giving them the presents that are under the tree. The group all agreed that this would be a lovely idea and they couldnt wait to pitch in on putting tap around the wrapping paper and helping me fold.

What a lovely day getting into the Christmas spirit!

Miss TJ