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Hip Hip Hooray for Thursday!

It has been a lovely day in the Senior Kindy room with Ellie, Harley, Zahra and Kaylee! This morning at group time we went around the circle holding a wooden doll. When it was our turn to hold the doll we told our class what our name was and our favourite colour. This gave the children the opportunity to develop confidence and become strong in their social wellbeing. Ellie told us her favourite colour was “Blue” just like Miss TJ. Zahra and Chihiro both told us their favourite colour was “Pink”. When it was Harley and Kaylee’s turn they did a get a bit shy speaking in front of their friends but that’s okay we will continue to do this activity hoping to build on everyone’s confidence and make everyone comfortable to talk in front of their friends. Miss TJ then read “The Big Yawn” story which was about the Zoo animals getting ready for bed and having a big yawn. While reading through and making a yawn sound for each character the children all began to yawn. Chihiro then notice that it started raining outside so we all hoped up and made our way to the outside verandah. It was beautiful to watch the rain together since we haven’t had rain for a long time. Chihiro starting to sing “Rain rain go away” and then her friends started to join in.

Children’s voice:

Chihiro- “We need a umbrella”

Ellie- “It’s raining lots”

Harley- It’s raining on that side. Rain on the road”

Zahra- “It’s all wet”

Kaylee- “Its cold outside”

So we grabbed our shoes and jumpers on ready for Arakan, Martial Arts. Today the children played a fun catching of the glove game and practiced a couple high five hits up high and down low.

It wa then time for activities. Kaylee asked very nicely “Miss TJ, can I play in home corner?”. Ellie asked if we could bring out the play dough again, this time we added small stones and wood chips with dough tools. The children have loved our messy play sand trough that we have had in our room the last few days. Today we added a bit of water to make a different texture. Zahra was straight over there putting her hands in the sand and said “ehhh gooey”. A little bug decided to crawl out of the sand. The children made a circle around the bug and said “Look its  beetle”. We watched as the bug crawled along the ground. Then Elllie said “Aw he just broke his heart”.

The children enjoyed exploring the other experiences in the room such as dressing up in the home corner, role playing in the teepee, doll house and reading the baby dolls some books. A lot of dramatic play fun!

Hope you all have a lovely long weekend and Happy Father’s Day!

Reminder: Fathers day evening tonight! 5-6pm. Hope to see you there

Miss TJ