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Happy “Terrific Thursday” Senior Kindy Families,

We hope you all have had a Terrific Thursday. We begin our morning outdoors as we awaited for our peers to arrive for today’s lesson. During this time our children found their interests in riding bicycles on the bike track, reading stories that our friend Parker brought in, going in the wooden boat and participating in Arakan with Mr Tim. Just as our morning tea arrived, we transitioned indoors for circle-time and morning tea. Throughout circle time we firstly acknowledged and said our good mornings to all children and educators that arrived today. Today we welcomed: Luca, Rumi, Hudson, Zahra, Nikora, Parker, Tua, Dominic, Isabelle, Lachlan, Archie, Toby, Nayla, Hunter, Lincoln and Henry.

As we completed our morning tea and circle-time, we then had a variation of table-top experiences for our children to utilise. On the first table we had a play-dough experience for our children to extend on their fine motor skills. The children were able to utilise the muscles in the fingers and hands to push, squeeze, pull and mash the playdough. On the second table we had a free drawing experience for our children to utilise. At this table we also provided tracing sheets for our students to further extend on their writing ability and continue to learn how to hold a pencil correctly. On the final table, we begun our first ever art experience on our new art corner that had just been redecorated. Today our children had the opportunity to enjoy water painting. We collected a variety of art materials such as a bundle of new paint brushes, water paper paint and a pallet of water paint. Whilst we had our table-top experiences up and running, our children found themselves participating in spontaneous play. This includes our children reading stories in our new tee pee, playing with a new dinosaurs, colouring in with crayons and enjoying our new home corner with role play and cooking. Just before our lunch arrived, we slipped on our hats, sunscreen and shoes to enjoy the outdoors for play just before our rest-pause period.

Overall, we hope you all have had a Terrific Thursday. We look forward to seeing you next time. Thank you 🙂

Miss Bec, Miss Aaliyah & Miss Alicia x