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Happy New Year to all of our friends and families! Welcome to Senior Kindy.

It was very exciting for Connor and Taran starting in their new big room. This morning, Connor and Taran met our Senior Kindy friend Ayla and we all had a play on the swing and exploring the yard. Connor was a bit unsure coming into the Senior Kindy room at first as he was having lots of fun playing in the big yard with his brother Henry but we reassured Connor and Taran that they will see their siblings very soon and that we can visit them during activity time.

We came inside to the beautifully cool room and washed our hands for morning tea. We had delicious muffins and fruit! Connor said “Mmm chocolate!”. The group made their way over to the reading mat after morning tea, picking a story to read. As a group we read ‘The very cranky bear’ before singing and clapping along to the ABC song.

The children were very keen to explore the activities around the room. Connor ran straight over the cars and trucks basket driving them around on the mat.  Miss TJ showed Connor our fold out town mat for the cars and he became very excited saying “A road! whaaatt?”. Ayla joined Connor on the mat where they both worked together to collect and group all of the red cars and trucks together. Taran was very excited to do some drawings with the thick crayons. She named picked a crayon and named the colour before drawing with it. All three of the children really loved the play dough table, using the rolling pins and cookie cutters to manipulate and create. Children’s voice during plaudough play:

Taran- “Sticky playdough”

Connor- “Rolling it. A roller”

Ayla- “This is a cookie cutter”

We had so much fun exploring the room together and getting to know each other. The children showed Miss TJ how well they can tidy up the room during clean up time and then we made our way over to the mat. To relax our bodies, Miss TJ showed us how to do belly breathing. Belly breathing is a technique we can use when we need to get rid of our crazy monsters inside and relax our bodies. We put our hands on our bellies and do a couple of breaths, feeling our stomach move up and down. We listened to Elmo’s belly breathing song while practicing the technique.

Miss TJ and Miss Jess are very excited to get to know all of our new Senior Kindy children and families. Please feel free to approach us about anything!

Miss TJ