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Happy Thursday!

This morning we welcomed our friends into the big yard where we explored, played and engaged with one another,  through different types of play. Once all of our friends had arrived, we headed indoors for a group time which we discussed all about our feelings with Miss Alicia. We developed an understanding of each different emotion and demonstrated how to show these faces and how we could react to it.

Last week during rest time our non sleepers had been drawing and tracing over whiteboard letters and rubbing it out and starting all over again. The children really expressed an interest for this particular activity so we decided to extend on from it today by doing an alphabet matching activity. The children had to match up the alphabet ping pong balls with the matching alphabet pool noodles using tongs. This activity required the children to use their cognitive skills as they developed on their literacy skills and social development. Our second activity was similar except the children had to match up the paddle pop sticks with the correct coloured, numbered cup.

After our mornings activities indoors we headed outdoors for another play and some Arakan which the children really enjoyed today. Seeyou all again tomorrow please don’t forget about our fathers day event which is tomorrow afternoon at 4pm-5pm, we hope to see you there, love Miss Alicia, Miss Bec, Miss Connie xx

sorry for any inconvenience but for some reason we are unable to upload photos today due to technical issues, we took the photos if you would like printouts of the photos please let us know, thankyou