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Today was a very fun and exciting day! The children couldn’t wait to show off their wonderful Halloween costumes and see what everyone else was dressed up in. Zander and Asher were Zombies. Ellie dress up as a fairy and Kaylee Anna from Frozen. Zahra came to kindy dressed a lovely unicorn princess! We took a couple of photos with our friends and had a nice run around the yard.

Today we also celebrate our friend Kaylee’s 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday Kaylee! The children were very excited when Kaylee’s mum dropped off a delicious cake for us to help us celebrate her birthday. We will be singing Happy Birthday and having a slice this afternoon.

First up we had our Arakan lesson which was up in the outside classroom. Today we practiced our hand eye coordination catching a ball and doing a couple routines.

Back inside we started our Halloween fun by playing with the yellow gooey slime with insects and bugs. Today the slime was a bit gooier after setting overnight. Children’s voice:

Ellie- Soooo gooey and nice!

Kaylee- So slimy! Gooey.

Zahra- Its sticky.

Zander- Yellow slime.

Jaxon- Sticky. Nice.

On our craft table we did a Halloween theme collage with paper cut outs of witches broom, hat, , pumpkin, ghosts and scrunched up crepe paper. The children were given the collage, crayons and black glue to help them create. They came out so colourful!

A few friends asked if they could play with the car mat with our new match box cars and the Lego. When I asked what Asher was making, he said “This is for diving on and boing!”. Chihiro said “I’m making a normal dinosaur”. The children also enjoyed playing in the home corner area. Chihiro was taking photos of Ella with the phone and said “Cheeese!”. Ella was pretending she was a cat and was saying “Meeeoow”. It was so nice to see Jaxon and Ella playing together, running around the room and exploring the activities. They even gave each other a BIG cuddle.

At group time today we read ‘When I’m feeling ANGRY’. Which was chosen by Kaylee and Ellie. This was an awesome book for us to read as a group. It helped us to know what we do when we feel angry which is to take a couple of breaths (Like our belly breathing), find a quiet place to help get rid of the anger and to tell someone. It is okay to feel angry but not to hurt someone’s feelings. After our read we all lay down on the mat and practiced a couple of belly breaths to get rid of any monsters in our tummy.

The children have been talking about the Halloween party tonight, we look forward to seeing you there!

Have a great afternoon/evening

Miss TJ