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Good afternoon friends and families,

This morning we welcomed Dominic, Goku, Zahra, Kennedy, Luca, Everly, Ella, Hunter, and Parker into the yard. The children enjoyed doing some drawing on the outside easels, climbing up and down the net to the treehouse, riding bikes, swinging on the swing and making pancakes in the mud kitchen. We then headed indoors where we sat down on the mat for grouptime where we read “who shares” which is a book about sharing with our friends, we also did our alphabet flash cards before transitioning to the table for morning tea.

After morning tea, we set up three activity tables. One was a drawing table that was covered in paper, for the children to free draw all over. The second table, was a play dough table for the children to use their sensory skills to manoeuvre the dough around and manipulate it into different shapes. On the third table, we had chalk boards and whiteboards with magnetic Australian animals. The children moved the animals around, and tried to draw the animals on the chalk board. We then set up the train/car track for the children to race around the cars. We then used our self help skills to all help pack away the toys and the tables, and sit down for a grouptime. We all listened so well and even got a special sticker! We then put on our hats and slapped on some sunscreen before heading outdoors for a run around.

REMINDER: we have an incursion on Thursday 18th Feb, there is permission forms and information about the incursion attached to the front door to the classroom. If you could please fill the form out if you wish for your child to attend.

Much love,

Miss Bec and Miss Deb xx