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Happy Thursday 😊

This morning the children were having lovely interactions with each other and were really engaged in the outdoor experiences. Connor, Zachary, Taran, Harvey and Miss TJ played a game of Hide and Seek around the sand pit and the back corner tree. Christopher, Hendrix and Ayla were having fun at the cleaning paint pot station, cleaning the brushes and pots. Christopher began to paint his hand with the wet brush and soon he had paint all over his face, enjoying the cool feeling. Probably wanted some face paint like we did yesterday 😊 “Look at me” he said to the teachers.

Once we came inside, we washed our hands (and Christopher’s whole body) then made our way over to the mat. Together we sang our ‘Hello’ song while using the seed pods, musical instruments like drums and tambourines and recycled items to make music to our songs. We then had a group discussion on germs and how to wash our hands. Miss TJ asked the children, “Why is it important to wash our hands?” which Ayla replied saying, “Because of the germs”. You are right Ayla, after we play, go to the toilet, after sneezing or coughing or before eating we need to wash off the germs. Connor demonstrated to the children how to cough into our arm. The children all followed Connor’s demonstration. Well done Connor! We watched a clip which showed us how to wash our hands correctly and some techniques to use. The children practiced together on the mat. During activity time we invited to the children to come into the bathroom and have a go at using those techniques to wash our hands. They were all very proud of themselves for washing away their germs.

Extending on using recycled items for other purposes today we added a whole bunch of different items to the mat and encouraged the children to work together and use their imagination to build.  Miss TJ helped get the children started by asking them what we should build. Millicent replied saying “Make my house”. So, the team worked together to build a house. Hendrix made the walls with egg cartons while Zachary said “This on top” as his put a egg carton on tops of the walls. Zachary then said to Hendrix, “Hendrix, let’s make a cubby house”. Hendrix replied, “Let’s make a cubby house over here”. Connor, Taran and Harvey were pointing out the different colours of bottle caps. Connor was finding pairs.  What a fun experience!

The children also enjoyed role playing shops in the home corner, drawing with pastel chalk and making more music with the instruments and recycled items with Mr G. We had started a Senior Kindy band, while the rest of the class sang and danced around the classroom.

Before lunch we had another group time where we read a story called ‘KINDNESS- Starts with you’ which was a lovely book that taught us how to be kind to one another, using our manners and kind words and helping each other.

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ and Mr G