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– Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s a bout learning to dance in the rain-

It has been a lovely day for our Senior Kindy children inside. We watched the rain fall outside with our windows open to allow the beautiful fresh rain smell to flow through our room. Of course the children wanted to play with our Octonaut set as soon as they arrived to Kindy. Hendrix enjoyed having some play time with his big brother before he went off to school.

At our morning group time we continued to practice our new morning song called ‘People all around the world’ which teaches us how to say Hello in a few different languages. Miss Tania taught us how to say “Kia Ora” which is Hello in Maori. We then discussed how Maori people live in New Zealand and today is Waitangi Day which is a day where we celebrate New Zealand. We then watched an educational clip on New Zealand where the children pointed out the Kiwi bird. We watched the Kiwi bird eat bugs out of the grass with its long beak. Zachary pointed out that the Kiwi bird has two legs. Ayla counted two eyes on the Kiwi bird. To extend on our learning we decided to make our very own Kiwi bird using craft. We used black and orange paper for the legs, beak and bodies. Googly eyes, coloured feathers and PVA glue to put our Kiwi’s together. The group did an amazing job at using their problem solving and imagination skills to practice. The Kiwi birds came out great! It’s so lovely seeing the children celebrate Waitangi Day.

Connor found some large tongs this morning a was using them in home corner to pick up items. This gave us an idea! For another table activity today we continued our sorting practice and focused on developing stronger fine motor skills using tongs to pick up coloured pom pom’s and placing them into the correct colour tube. The tongs were a bit tricky to use at the start, we needed to re-adjust our grip and then we soon got it. Senior Kindy were very engaged in the task and were very persistent.

Ayla, Zachary and Harvey all asked if we could get the cars out. Miss TJ drew out a road on a large piece of paper for the children to park and drive the cars around.

We had our Arakan Lesson inside today but that didn’t stop us from having fun. The children were really focused and listening to Mr Dan really well, taking the task on board. After martial arts and cleaning up we sat together on the mat to practice our Belly Breathing which is something we learnt the other day. Belly Breathing is great for our bodies when we feel there is a monster inside. Doing deep breaths and feeling our bellies go up and down helps our monsters to disappear. It worked, our bodies were nice and calm. We read a story called ‘Eight’ before having a delicious lunch and a relaxing sleep listening to the rain.

Have a great afternoon and drive safely.

Miss TJ and Miss Tania