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Hello families!

This morning we welcomed Zahra, Archie, Lachlan, Hudson, Hunter Luca, Goku, Parker, Nayla Ella, Henry and Dominic into the room. The children spent their morning engaging in outdoor play. Today, their main interests were shooting basketball hoops, kicking the soccer ball, sliding down the slide and completing the obstacle course which was on the treehouse. Lachie, Luca, Parker and Dominic really enjoy riding the bikes around, hopping on the back of one another’s bikes and riding around the track.

Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah had a meeting today so spent the morning out of the classroom. Miss Denise and Miss Lauren were in the room with us for the morning. They helped us finish off our Mother’s Day surprise which we loved making! We then engaged in free play in the room where the children played in home corner, dressed up in our new astronaut costumes and pretending to go to the moon. The children also completed some puzzles and were on their best behaviour for Denise and Lauren before we went outside for a big play.

We have so many of our friends toilet training here in Senior Kindy. Congratulations to Luca who has recently gone into undies! We have Lachlan, Parker and Kezia who are becoming so good at using the toilet too and to alot of our other friends who have been using the toilet for some time now! This is so great to see, keep up the good work!!  Today we wanted to share a few hot tips about how to motivate your child to start using the toilet and how we are encouraging toileting in Senior Kindy:

  • Every nappy change, ask your child to sit on the toilet
  • Taking their best friend with them and sit them on the toilet together
  • Praising your child for sitting on the toilet, even if they didn’t wee or poo.
  • Creating a sticker chart/reward program for every time they do something on the toilet.

Also a reminder to bring in your family photos for our family trees, our tree is filling up which is great to see! The children love talking about their families at meal times.

Lots of Love,

Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah x