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Happy Thursday families and friends…

Today in the Senior Kindy room the children were excited to help Miss Leesa unpack some new racing cars donated to us from the Toddler room. The children helped peel off the packaging and quickly chose their favourite coloured  car to race down the ramp and onto the car track mat. Lachlan said ‘I like the blue ones’, as he made a collection of cars in his arms. The children then played follow-the leader up and down the hallway as they utilised the long hallway as a racing track. Harper threw her hands in the air and said, ‘I won’ as she pushed her red car down the hallway.

Latika and Harper then made their way to the mat to choose their favourite costume to engage in dress-up play. The children displayed wonderful teamwork skills as they helped each other with the fairy wings, carefully placing them on each other’s back as they took turns. Conall then joined in and said, ‘my turn’ , as Harper helped her friend also have a turn of the wings. Well done friends! The children then made their way to home corner where Christopher discovered more fun resources had been added to the play space. Christopher pretended to be the shop keeper and sell Miss Leesa some fruits and vegetables as he utilised the cash register to give Miss Leesa her pretend change. Harper, Latika and Conall made hamburgers for a picnic and Lachlan collected all the fruits and vegetables and made his way to the measuring scales where he placed the food items in one of the buckets. Harper then joined in and placed food items from home corner in the other bucket. The children soon noticed that the buckets started moving up and down as they collected and added the fruits and vegetables to the scale. Lachlan said, ‘my bucket went up’  as he observed the buckets moving as Harper added items to her bucket. Miss Leesa explained that Harper’s bucket was heavier than Lachlan’s.

Yarn time today we shared another sweet story about mummies entitled ‘Why I love my Mummy’. The children were able to relate to the story as they discovered the characters in the book love their mummy for many of the same  reasons as they do including because she holds their hand, teaches them, plays with them and gives them kisses.

Other play experiences today included texta drawing, transport play, puzzle play, songs with actions and playing sleeping bunnies.

Until next time…

Love Miss Leesa