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Happy Thursday!

Today we welcomed a new friend, Zahra into Senior Kindy. Zahra was very excited to explore around the room and play with thee toys especially in the Home corner. We introduced Zahra to the class at group time. We went around the circle and told Zahra and the class our names. Zahra then chose the book for story time which was “Madeline”. While we were sitting on the mat Miss TJ reminded the children how we can sit nicely on the mat. The children learn about ‘Listening Lucy’. Lucy sits with her eyes watching, eye listening, mouth closed, hands on lap and legs still and folded. This way we can hear the story while Miss TJ reads and not interrupt our friends. Great Job Senior Kindy, we will practice this every day! Ellie also shared her family photo with the class to place on our family tree. Thank you Ellie!

This morning we had our Martial Arts lesson. Chi was very kind to show Zahra where to stand while waiting for instructions. The children had lots of fun giggling away at the instructor. They learnt some combinations of hitting his gloves with their left hand, touch our heads and then hit with our right hand.

Inside Asher asked if we could play with the colourful building blocks on the mat that we played with yesterday. Asher loves looking at the “Instructions” as he says that shows some ideas we can make using the blocks. Miss TJ and Asher worked together to build the Dinosaur block piece.

Zahra and Chi enjoyed playing together in the Home corner cutting up the Velcro fruit and feeding the babies with the bottles. They then took their babies for a stroll around the room.

At the table we had a large piece of paper for the children to work together to draw on. When asked what they were making Zander replied saying “ A radio” and Ellie said she was drawing a “blue worm”.

Extending on from celebrating International friendship day last week and to help our new friend Zahra and the other children build relationships with the class, today we did partner drawing. We were going to do painting but when Ellie and Zahra saw the colourful texters on Miss TJ’s desk they asked if we could draw instead. Zahra and Chihiro worked together while Ellie and Asher worked together. The children drew beautiful colourful pieces using the easel and the pictures really help to brighten up our room.

Before lunch time we packed away and then dance around shaking some ribbons around to The Greatest Showman soundtrack which was requested by Ellie. We then practiced our ‘Belly Breathing’ again with Elmo’s song. The children placed their hands on their belly and did 5 big breaths to help relax our bodies.

Hope you all have a lovely afternoon.

Quick reminder that its BOOK WEEK on the week of 19th-23rd August. The children are welcome to bring in a special book from home (Don’t forget to put their name on it) and if they would like to dress up as their favourite book character.

Miss TJ