Hello families and friends and welcome to our day in the Senior room with Miss TJ and Miss Jess!

The children all welcomed Miss TJ back as she has been away for the past 3 days due to illness. Miss TJ, Ayla and Zachary went for a veture walk through the garden this morning. Zachary lead the group to the large tree near the fence. We found a couple of ants running around on the rock below and then Ayla spotted a large moth which was camouflaged on the tree. Harvey was having fun pushing the big dump truck in the sand pit while Cohen and Connor were racing around the bike tracks on the bikes.

Once inside and our belly’s were satisfied from morning tea we made our way to the group time mat where we sat in a circle. Taking turns of the car that Cohen happily shared with us, we held the car and told everyone our names. This was a great opportunity for the children to practice taking turns, building confidence to talk in front of a group and it was a great way to get to know each other. The children then pulled out the tambourines and started to shake them around. We sang ‘ABC’, ‘Insy Winsy Spider’ and Harvey sang his own song while we played and danced along. What a great bonding experience!

Senior Kindy then explored the rooms activities. The group had a blast getting their hands messy with the playdough with tools on the table, setting up the table in the home corner, building with the lego and role playing with the animals and the doll house. Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on getting to know each others interest through play and helping the children become comfortable in their play space.

Today was the Senior Kindy’s first class of Arakan Martial Arts for 2020! Miss Jess and Miss TJ were very impressed with the children’s listening skills. They were taking on all over the instructions from Mr Daniel and giving everything their best shot. Well done Senior Kindy!

Just before our transition from lunch to beds, we sat together on the mat. Harvey went over the the book shelf and chose ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ for us to read together. We learnt that of you smile and be kind to someone, it may help them smile too!

Hope you all had a lovely day

Miss TJ and Miss Jess x