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Good Afternoon

This morning Matthew from Kindergarten brought in his new puppy to show the children. Everyone was using gentle hands when touching the puppy. Ella said “Awww Doggy”. We all washed our hands before coming inside to start the day. The children have been enjoying our time on the reading mat where they can choose some stories and read with a friend or by themselves. It’s so great for the children to communicate and use their imagination during this time.

Today for our Christmas craft we made Angels. We found some cardboard angel cut outs and put them together. The children used coloured pens to decorate and draw a face in their angel. They then used PVA glue with a brush to stick pieces of gold and silver shiny paper onto their angels. Each angel looks unique and beautiful.

The Senior Kindy children also enjoyed a cutting activity where they could cut Christmas craft paper and put the pieces into their envelope. Asher and Zander di this activity yesterday afternoon and so we thought we would try it again. The children love using the scissors and cutting paper into small pieces. They are also still focusing on their scissor grip and getting use to cutting so this was a great experience for them to just explore with the scissors and see what works and what doesn’t work.

We have also been into our threading a lot. On the last table we had big beads and laces for the children to practice their fine motor and hand eye coordination skills threading the lace through the hole. When the children completed their lace, they were so proud of their achievements. Jaxon held his up and said, “Look a snake”.

As a little surprise the children had the chance to watch a short clip from the Mickey Mouse Christmas movie. Ellie has been asking me everyday if we can watch a Christmas movie. Today, because the children cleaned up so nicely and they have been so kind especially with out new friend Ayla we sat on the mat and laughed along to Mickey Mouse and his friends.

The children also enjoyed the doll house, train set and of course home corner

Hope you have a great afternoon,

Reminder: Christmas Party this Thursday afternoon. Rompin Stompin show @ 5pm. Santa’s visit to Senior Kindy @ 5:45.

Miss TJ