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Welcome to Tuesday’s Senior Kindy Blog 😊

Unfortunately, the rain continued to fall today but that didn’t bother the Senior Kindy children as they loved our indoor experiences. This morning the children enjoyed playing with the Octonauts set on the large mat before we gathered on the circle mat for a group time. We sang ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ and then pointed out other body parts and the names of them such as ankles, chins, necks etc. Over the past few weeks we have been practicing our numeracy skills counting to 10 individually, as a group, counting our fingers, counting in songs and counting toys when playing. Today we set a new goal which was to count all the way up to 15. We practiced two times while counting with our fingers slowly. It would be great if the children could practice counting to 15 with their family or friends at home too. Our end goal is counting to 20! Continuing on our learning of germs and hand washing we read a story called ‘Handy the Octopus’ which was a great educational story about an Octopus who invites his friends over for a party and reminds them to wash their hands after going to the toilet, before eating and after sneezing or coughing. The children were very engaged with the story and were enthusiastic when telling Miss TJ all about how we wash our hands and how to cough/sneeze into our arm. 

Extending on our discussion on diggers and trucks yesterday when Zachary brought in a digger’s book, today the children enjoyed a small world experience that was set up with small Tonka trucks in a sensory trough full of sand, rocks and wood chips. Senior Kindy were soooo excited to have a turn at the digger’s experience. The children were transferring sand from truck to truck and making plenty of truck noises.  Children’s voice:

Zachary- Smash! The rocks are stuck. Beep beep beep. Bang!

Connor- Smash, smash, smash!

Hendrix- Brrrr! Digging. Ah I got some rocks. Smash!

Emerson- Moving some sand. The dump truck is full of sand.

Ayla- 1 2 3, I have two!

Joseph- (Joey was counting his trucks and said he had 5)

Cohen- Oh no! Digger! Shovel.

On the other tables the children had fun role playing with the Dinosaurs and cutting the newspaper with scissors. We are getting so clever at using scissors! The children also chose to bring out the cars and ramps onto the mat, racing them around.

Our friend Emerson went for a trial at Tennis today. He had lots of fun and followed the instructions well. He especially loved the part where they hit the ball with the Tennis racket.

Before lunch we played sleeping bunnies pretending we were Bunnies, Crocodiles, Butterflies and Elephants.

Hope you all have a lovely afternoon and please drive safely in the wet weather,

Miss TJ and Mr G x