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It was a lovely morning play outside this morning. Mia was playing with a friend Mathew from the Kindergarten room throwing the ball through the hoop. Ellie was enjoying the big swing with Liam, another friend from kindergarten. Kaylee was using her leg muscles to push the peddles with her legs on the trailer bike.

Activity time included exploring around the room playing with construction activities, role playing doctors in the home corner and getting creative with some collage. We had all sorts of materials for the children use place on their paper using PVA glue. We will be adding this to our Gallery wall that has started to form,

Yoga with Miss Gabby was so much fun today. Miss Gabby showed us a new song where we got to hold streamers in our hands to move around with. The children also got to cuddle a soft teddy  while Miss Gabby calmly spoke to them about how to relax our bodies, walking around the room and lightly tickling the children with her special feather wand. This time Gabby gave the children a square of light material which they chose to have on their faces while laying down. It was great to see the children taking some time to focus their minds and relaxing their bodies.

Before lunch Miss TJ read ‘The Gruffalo’. This is quite a long story but I had all eyes on me during the while book. They were really curious listening and were copying some of my actions I was doing while reading in different voices for each character.

It was a nice little girl group today. The children played so nicely with each other and have been so kind to our new friend Ella!

Hope you have a great afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Nikki