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Welcome to Tuesday’s blog!

Senior Kindy were excited to play out in the yard this morning after a few days of rain. Joseph and Hendrix were enjoying the construction mat full of large wooden blocks and trucks for the children to get creative. Ayla, Zachary and Connor had found a puddle of water and were transferring the water over to the sand pit. Great team building! Taran was also having fun with the wet sand using a cup to pick up the sand. Ryan, Emerson, Cohen and Noah were practicing their gross motor skills climbing up the net to the top of the tree house and pushing other friends on the swing. Macy was having a relaxing time on the swing being pushed by Rosie.

We came inside for our morning group time. Mr G was very impressed with the children’s singing skills while singing our ‘Hello’ song and our new favourite, ‘People all around the world’. After our morning tea the children enjoyed some quiet reading time together on the mat where some chose to read their own story or join with another friend. We played a game of ‘Simon says’ before making our way to the activities.

We brought out the blue play dough again today for the children to get messy and explore with their fingers. The children had fun using the play dough tools, especially the hammers which made different patterns in the dough. As another messy experience we organised a collage craft activity where the children glue, drawed and decorated their piece of paper with various materials. This gave the children the opportunity to express themselves through art and have fun going wild with craft. Emerson asked for the cars and the train tracks on the mat. A few of the friends also role played int he home corner setting up a tea party and cooking in the kitchen.

At clean up time we had a few friends a bit distracted and so we had a group discussion afterwards on the mat about helping each other and working as a team when it is clean up time. We watched a clip where Elmo taught us how to work as a team and clean up. The children all took it on board and when it was clean up time this afternoon the children ALL helped out! It was a great accomplishment.

Hope you all have a lovely afternoon

Miss  TJ and Mr G