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Good afternoon

Today we stayed inside enjoying the lovely air-con as the air outside isn’t very good for our bodies from all the smoke.This morning while enjoying some free play Lily asked Ellie and Zahra, “Do you want me to read you this book?”. Which Ellie replied, “Yes we will”. The group sat down together on the mat while Lily read them ‘The Ugly Duckling’. Asher and Zander enjoyed shopping in the home corner. Kaylee brought out the cars and the car town mat. The class asked to play some dance music so we found a fun playlist and dance together in a circle. This then started a game of Ring around the Rosie. We welcomed Jaxon and Ella to kindy before having a group time on the mat. Since we have been learning about feelings and the different emotions we can feel today as a group we discussed what makes us feel sad, happy and angry. Here are some of the children’s responses:

What makes you feel ANGRY?:

Asher- Spiders and Daddy gets angry with me. Daddy said I’m the boss.

Lily- Monster. They not real.

What makes you feel SAD?:

Ellie- When I have to go in the time out by adults

Zander- Sometimes Ashy doesn’t want to play with me. He didnt want to read a book in my cubby house yesterday.

Zahra- WHen Alfie wakes me up in the morning. It’s frustrating.

What makes you feel HAPPY?:

Zander- When someones your best friend

Asher- Play dough. I like pushing it out.

Lily- Ducks. Cause sometimes they a bit naughty.

Kaylee- Horsies

Ellie- My presents

It’s so important to express our feelings and its totally okay to feel all those different emotions. As long as we can tell someone how we feel.

During activity time we extended on the children interest in messy play by experience clay. The children found it a bit tougher than play dough but really enjoyed wetting their hands and molding the clay slowly. Zahra said “I’m painting my fingers”. Zander said, “I’m making a big hole”. We will definitely bring out the clay again but maybe add some sculpting tools.

On the other two activity tables we had out some construction experiences, Lego and building blocks. Kaylee loved building with the colourful blocks saying, “It’s so big. Train!”. Jaxon and Ella also enjoyed getting creative with the blocks carefully building tall towers up and up! The children are also enjoying our new fairy small world set up on our grass blocks. They have been designing the fairy’s home and setting up the creatures in beautiful ways.

We did a couple of belly breaths together on the mat, choosing a pillow to relax on. We practiced breathing through our nose and blowing out our mouth. We pretended we were the wolf blowing the three little pigs houses down.

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ