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Hello families,

Today we welcomed Zahra, Poppy, Lincoln, Rumi, Lachlan, Dominic, Parker, Luca, Grace, Banjo, Hudson, Goku, Lilly and Henry into the room. Our friends spent the morning in the gorgeous sunshine. Today, the interests were bubbles, bubble and more bubbles! Taking turns at blowing the bubbles through the wand and chasing them all over the treehouse. We also really enjoyed water play this morning, playing in the creek as well as filling up buckets to move to the mud kitchen. It was then time to head indoors so we lined up in our choo choo train and walked indoors to sit on the mat for group time. For group time today, we sang “5 cheeky monkeys””, “hello how are you”, ïf your happy and you know it” and ï had a tiny turtle”. We then sang “… jumped over the candle stick” one by one to wash their hands and sit down for morning tea.

During morning tea, we spoke about the different activities that we would be partaking in today. We decided to do indoor/outdoor play for a little bit. Indoors we had recycling painting and gluing where the children painted an old cardboard box and stuck out catalogue pictures on. After this activity we all headed outdoors to enjoy the gorgeous sun. We set up an outdoor painting station where the children were free to come and go as they pleased. We also had a reading station under the trees, where it was peaceful and shady. The children also enjoyed an outdoor dance party with Miss Liyah, dancing to their favourite tunes. Mr Andrew, had set up a bowling activity for us also that  some of us liked to join in on. The day was just too good to not be outside! Loz then brought down our yummy lunch, so we headed indoors.

What a great day!

Remember to bring in your family photo!

Love Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah xx