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Hello families and friends…

This morning the Senior Kindy children were very excited to venture outdoors when the sun came out to release some energy and enjoy physical play. The children enjoyed playing with the hoops, balls, riding bikes and sand play.

The children then transitioned indoors and after morning tea enjoyed making snakes and lollipops with the play dough and working on the 6 piece transport puzzles at the table. The children requested the textas and stencils for tracing again today as they created shapes and animal pictures. Farm animal play was popular again as the children ensured all the ducks, horses and cows were safe in their pens and barn. This play extended into building farms with the lego set.

Group time today we continued on with sharing Christmas songs and stories including ‘The Things I Love about Christmas’ story book. The children really love singing the extended version of ‘Jingle Bells’ at the top of their voice. Ryan brought along one of his favourite books for group time to share.

Well… Enjoy the photos…

Love Miss Leesa, Miss Tatyana and Miss Jade