Happy Tuesday!

Today we had a big class of 9 children! That’s the biggest number we have had so far in the Senior Kindy room. It is so nice that we are meeting and making more and more friends each week. I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful group of children.

This morning we had a lovely play outside with the other two classes and welcomed our friends in kindy as they arrived. Inside we had a group time on the mat together, singing along to our two morning songs. ‘Hello’ and ‘People all around the world’. It was so nice having the bigger group to hear everyone singing together! Our friend Lily was very excited to share her photos from her adventures with Bob the sloth. Lily sat up in front of her friends and was very confident to tell everyone what they got up to. Lily showed off her photos of Bob visiting her Guinea Pigs, jumping on the trampoline, riding her Quad bike and watching her receive a medal at swimming class. Well done Lily! Bob is very excited to go on his next adventure! Feel free to have a read of Bob’s book by the front door.

At activity time we had Lego on one of the tables. The children were very excited to get their hands on the Lego and start creating. Asher absolutely loved building with the Lego, he said he was making a “Car”. Ella was also enjoying the Lego play making a “house” with the pieces.  Jaxon was very excited to see the train track set up on the table as he absolutely loves anything to do with vehicles. A couple of the children enjoyed moving the trains around the track with Jaxon. Mia and Lily were communicating well together, watering the wooden trees near the track to help them grow.

The children were also seen in the home corner, playing a big game od Doctors, Miss Tania came for a visit and pretended that she was the patients. Zahra, Kaylee and Ellie worked together to fix Miss Tania’s broken leg.  Zander and Mia soon joined the group assisting with temperatures and making sure she had enough food and medicine. The children showed a lot of empathy and care for one other while playing the roles, making sure they all had a go at being a Doctor or a patient.

It was then time for Yoga. Today we joined with Pre kindy up in the outside classroom. We caught some bubbles, playing a listening game with a gong and practiced some yoga poses!

Hope you all had a lovely day

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Miss TJ