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Good afternoon Senior Kindy,

This morning we welcomed Goku, Alanis, Archie, Luca, Hudson, Zahra, Henry, Rumi, Banjo, Lachlan, Parker, Dominic, Lilly, Poppy, Grace and Lincoln into the yard. The children spent the morning climbing, swinging on the swing, dancing and generally playing with our friends. We then transitioned indoors where we sat down for group time. For group time today, we read we are going on a bear hunt. We also sang 5 cheeky monkey’s, hello how are you, hammer hammer hammer and open shut them. These songs seem to be the ones that the children enjoy most. Miss Bec then spoke to the children about different body parts, having a competition with who could find their elbows, knees, chin and cheeks first. We then washed our hands and sat down at the table for morning tea.

After morning tea, the children spent time with Miss Aaliyah and Miss Saori. We did an indoor outdoor program, where half the children were inside completing activities, and the other half were outdoors with Miss Saori exploring. The children enjoyed making tall towers with the blocks outdoors, some enjoyed water play and some enjoyed having a dance party outdoors. Indoors, the children did hand print painting, where they attempted to paint their own hand, then stick it onto the paper. We then all combined back inside where we sat on the mat and played some music. Even though it is not Christmas time, the children are OBSESSED with jingle bells, asking “can you play jingle bells on the speaker” MANY times.  We then all headed outdoors where we spent time with the other children from Pre Kindy. It was then time to head indoors for lunch.

What a great day we have had!!

Love Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah xx