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Hello Riversdale families,

Welcome to a Terrific Tuesday!
Today, we all welcomed one another with some songs and an inclusive introduction 🙂

After we had our morning tea, we packed away our plates and water bottles and got to enjoy our morning play inside!
There were table activities to get their skills and brains working hard today; a sensory experience with lots of play-dough and also a cognitive experience with puzzles and a color sorting activity!
A big focus in play that Senior Kindy loved was their continuous role play with dress ups, home corner and our doctors kit! It is awesome to see their imaginations and interactions in this sort of play 🙂

Soon we all worked together to pack away and use our self help skills to get us ready for our afternoon group time with Miss Tatyana. We happily read a story today followed by singing our favorite songs!

It was then time for us to fill our tummies up with lunch and get a little rest.

Thank you friends for a positive Day and we hope you have all enjoyed your Tuesday!

Kind regards,
Miss Leesa, Miss Tatyana and Miss Jade