Good Afternoon friends and families

It was a wonderful morning play outside on this lovely warm November day. The children noticed Mr Nick putting out a sprinkler for the grass as it may become a bit hot later in the day. Miss TJ suggested to the children that we have a little play under the sprinkler. They all screamed with excitement and wanted to head over straight away. But first we made sure everyone had hats and sunscreen on. Spontaneous play is always the most fun! The children ran straight over the sprinkler that was shooting out small streams of water. Senior Kindy were running back and forth, jumping over the sprinkler and even followed each other down the hose in a line. Lily said, “Come on Miss TJ you can do it”. The children cheered me on as I jumped over the sprinkler. We had such a blast together cooling our bodies down. I would love to extend on the fun water play by organising a day where the children can bring their swimmers to kindy and we can have more water fun. This would also be a great extension for Asher and Zander who recently love dressing up in home corner in “Swimmers” and swimming around the room. Check out the video from our water play!

Once we dried off and got changed into new clothes, we had our morning tea and then chose some activities for the day. Extending on from Ellie and Kaylee’s block building yesterday morning we brought out the small blocks onto the table to build. The children were building castles and homes. The children chose felt board stories, threading beads, picture cards and the gears building set.

Before lunch we had a group time on the mat where Miss TJ read ‘Alexander’s outing’. During the book we spoke about how each character is feeling. When Alexander was stuck in the hole Ellie said he might be feeling scared. When Alexanders mother couldn’t find him, Zahra suggested that she may have been feeling angry and sad. We then flicked through a couple of images of children showing different emotions and the children helped me identify how they might be feeling. We learnt some new feeling such as frustrated, worried and poorly. As a group we played a sorting game where the children came up one at a time to place a picture card of a person showing either a sad, angry or happy face into the right circle. They did an amazing job!

We played a game of ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ before transitioning to lunch.

Hope you all have a great afternoon

Miss TJ