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Hi Senior Kindy!

Today we welcomed heaps of our friends who spent their morning in the yard. Tua, Nikora, Alia and Henry spent time with Miss Bec giving lots of cuddles. Orion, Nayla, Isabelle, Zahra, Rosie  and Alanis spent time on the bikes. Dominic, Parker, Lachlan, Kezia, Hudson and Luca role played “baddies and superheroes”. Archie spent time playing with the children from Kindergarten. Rumi did some puzzles and Banjo played in home corner.

Before morning tea, we sat on the mat where we sang bee bee bumble bee before washing our hands for morning tea. After morning tea, we sat on the mat with Miss Liyah who read “10 little senior Kindy superheroes”. Personalising books and incorporating children’s names helps the children become more intrigued and excited about a book. We then transitioned to activities. Today we had a variety of activities as well as free play within the room.

On one table we had playdough, with the children trying to make different animals and letters out of the playdough. Zahra made a Z for Zahra and Alanis made an A. On a second table, we had a pattern activity. Miss Bec printed a patterned line, red, blue, red, blue etc. The children used coloured counters to place on the pattern, and then extend off the paper, using the same pattern. Most children did really well at this! On a third table we had the lego station. Having little lego increases and develops a child’s fine motor skills with the smaller pieces. We found our children all making towers, and Rumi using the lego to count towers of different heights. Some of children engaged in free play within the room, role playing in home corner using the dress ups and building towers with the bigger duplo blocks. Tua was found playing with the animals and Henry was found using the magnetic blocks.

What a wonderful and fun Tuesday! We are certainly missing seeing our parents in the rooms 🙁

Love Miss Bec, Miss Liyah and Miss Jade x