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Happy Tuesday Friends!

This morning for group time the children listened to a story read by Miss Bec, reading stories develops on our listening skills, social development and our literacy skills. Afterwards we explored some educational videos on sharing with others to help teach the children about our feelings and we can help our friends when they are feeling sad, angry or emotional as well as learning to share our toys.

For activities today we explored more into our alphabet letters as the children are still expressing a curiosity in learning about them. The children matched up the wooden letters with the letters that were on the paper, developing on our cognitive development as we explored. We also have been showing an interest in learning about different textures and understanding our 5 senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing so to extend on this we explored some chia based slime which contained cornflour, flavoured essence, water and chia seeds all mixed together. The texture was gooey and bumpy so the children discovered as they watched it drip through their fingers. Tomorrow we will continue on exploring our letters and spray painting them as apart of the children’s interest in learning about letters.

Seeyou all again tomorrow, Love Miss Alicia, Miss Bec and Miss Aaliyah xx