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Good afternoon friends and families

This morning Asher and Zander were showing off their new haircuts. You look awesome boys! We are also very proud of our friends who are toilet training at the moment. They are doing an amazing job.

At our grouptime we sang along to the music, singing our ‘Hello’ song. The children waved to each other saying hello, welcome each other to kindy. Our friend Ellie brought in “The Little Red Riding Hood” story for us to read. After the book Ellie said “I’m scared of the big bad wolf and foxes”. This then brought on the discussion of “What scares you?”. Asher and Zander both sad that they are scared of “snakes at the snake park”. Zahra said she was afraid of “Spiders” and Lily said she was scared of “monsters”. We then watched a clip on the story called ‘When I’m feeling scared’, which talks about how we are all scared of different things and that a lot of things aren’t as scary as they seem. During morning tea the children were showing me their scared face!

Talking about scary spooky things today we started our Halloween craft. Miss TJ painted the children’s feet white and placed them down onto their choice of green or purple paper. It was such a fun sensory experience for them all as they giggled their way through the painting saying “That tickles!”. We will be turning them into cute ghosts once they are dry. Over the next two weeks we will continue to do fun sensory and creative craft for Halloween.

Following on from our morning discussion on snakes and spiders we had a play dough table with bugs, snakes and spider toys. Zahra and Zander ran straight over to the table facing their fears to enjoy the sticky dough.

The children also chose to play with the magnets on the white board, play with the three leveled doll house, draw with the thick crayons and role play families in the home corner area.

Have a lovely afternoon

Miss TJ