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Hello families, hope you are all well!

First of all, Senior Kindy would love to wish Miss Leesa a massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Although she is taking the week off, we still celebrated her and are so grateful for making the Senior Kindy class all that we are today! We love you Miss Leesa 😊

As we waited for our friends to arrive on this fine Tuesday morning, we played amongst our outdoor yard 😊

Soon we made the transition inside for our morning yarn time with Miss Tatyana. We welcomed one another, sang our morning songs and said our Acknowledgement to Country. We then engaged in a new story called ‘Animal Magic’! The story embarked a little boy and his collection of pebbles he painted. One monkey, one Koala, one crocodile, one Bird, one Kangaroo and one Fish. Each of his pebbles soon came to life and became some Animal Magic! The children loved today’s story!

After practicing our self-help skills getting ready for morning tea, we explored and chose some of our favorite activities within the classroom. Following the interest in today’s story, we decided to use our creativity and imagination to try and make some of the animals inspired by today’s book 😊 There was lots of paint, brushes, cotton balls, glue, colorful materials and best of all some recycling bits and bobs from our recycling container. This was a great activity to also follow on from our topic of RECYCLING 😊 we learnt to use our imaginations and creative skills to make our own little animals come to life from our recycled boxes, containers and cardboard. We had so much fun!

We then worked as a cohort to pack away all of our fun mess, ready for some big lunch and a little rest. Before this, we sat on the mat with Miss Kate for some fun and educational songs about recycling as well as a little bit of Yoga! This was a perfect way to feel relaxed and calm our little bodies ready for rest time.

Thank you Senior Kindy for a Terrific Tuesday!

NOTE: If any of our families could help bring in any recycling materials/objects then that would be much appreciated 😊

P.S. Apologies for the lateness in Tuesday’s Blog upload, we had a big computer issue yesterday. Thank you for understanding.

Kind regards,

Miss Tatyana and Miss Kate