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Hip Hip Hooray it’s Tuesday!

Welcome Zander, Asher and Harley into your new room, Senior Kindy. Miss TJ was very impressed with all the children the last two days being so brave coming down to the new room and being so friendly. Ellie was very excited to see her friends arrive to kindy this morning so she could show them all the fun experiences we have in our outdoor area and the awesome toys in the children’s room. Outside Zander and Asher had a blast climbing up the rope and then sliding down the curly slide. Harley raced around the bike track on the Tricycle.

After a delicious morning tea the children had free play in the room, getting familiar with our toys and resources. Harley and Ellie enjoyed challenging their fine motor skills with a wooden letter threading activity. While Zander and Asher role played families with our wooden dolls in the doll house. The children also explored our crayon drawing table, pushing the shopping trolleys around in the home corner and driving the toy trucks and cars along the road mat.

Miss Danna read “The Tiger Movie” story with the group before Gabby came into our class to do Yoga with the children. We could see from all of their faces that they were having so much fun singing along and copying what Gabby did. We caught some bubbles, practiced some yoga poses and did some relaxing meditation while Gabby tickled our faces with a feather.

We explored the yard one more time before lunch and a rest, swinging on the big swing, throwing bean bags into the bucket and kicking the ball to each other.

Hope you all had a lovely day and we look forward to our plays again tomorrow.

Miss TJ