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Hello Senior Kindy families and happy Tuesday!

Today we welcomed Hudson, Dominic, Luca, Parker, Lachlan, Banjo, Rumi, Grace, Henry, Zahra, Alanis, Lincoln and today we also welcomed our new friend Nevarlia. We started the morning in the room due to the rainy weather. The children spent time reading books and having group time with Miss Emma. When Miss Bec and MIss Aaliyah arrived, we had a dance party. Today we introduced new songs today including “Tooty-ta” and “White shoes”. White shoes sings about a cat that went walking and stepped in different objects, the children then sing what colour the shoes would be. We then read “the big bad wolf” and sang bee bee bumble bee before washing our hands and sitting down for morning tea.

After morning tea, the children enjoyed playing with the quick sand, magnetic and colourful blocks. We also enjoyed solitary free play where we all enjoyed our own company as well as playing with our friends. This is a good opportunity for the children to form new relationships through common interests. Miss Emma then came in and took us outside to the undercover area where she lead us in a group time, singing different songs and reading BIG BOOKS. We love our time with Miss Emma.

What a wonderful Tuesday,

Love Miss Bec and Miss Alliyah xx