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Welcome to Tuesday’s Blog

Senior Kindy had a lovely morning play outside with the big kids. The wonderful cool weather was great to play in. We had a group time all together with Mr Andrew who helped us know what the day, the month and year is using a board. Coming inside our classroom we sat on our reading mat to sing along to some of our favourite songs and warm up our bodies. The children chose to sing ‘ABC’ and then we sang a new song called ‘Days of the week’ which we learnt yesterday. We learnt that today is Tuesday and tomorrow will be Wednesday.

Today, Senior Kindy enjoyed investigating, researching and exploring insects through various experiences. On a table inside with the lights off we had a light box placed on it with a mini beast collection (Bugs and beetles) and magnifying glasses. The children were very curious as to which insect they had picked up, asking Miss TJ and Mr G what it was called.  The mini beasts collection allowed the children to examine the selection of bugs close up.

We opened up the sliding doors to provide an indoor/outdoors play. On some tables outside on the veranda we also had a insects matching game where the children had a board with all sorts of insect on it and had to match up the same insect to their board. They absolutely loved this game and became very excited when they found pairs.

On the last table Connor asked for the diggers. So we pulled out our construction trucks and two trays full of sand to explore with. The children also enjoyed venturing off around the play ground. Dancing up in the tree house and building in the sand pit.

While investigating the insects/bugs this morning we few of the children pointed out and were interested in the Scorpion so we decided to research Scorpions on the computer. We found a short clip which showed us some footage of Scorpions running through the sand, running away from a snake, using its pincers and long tall with the stinger at the end to fight off another Scorpion. We also learnt that Scorpions and Spiders are called Arachnids as they have 8 legs and butterflies, ants and beetles are called insects as they have 6 legs. The children help ,e count the legs on both a spider, scorpion and beetle to know if it was an Arachnid or Insect.

Hope you all have a lovely afternoon

Miss TJ and Mr G x