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Bonjour friends and families 😊

Hope you are having a lovely start to the week. Senior Kindy enjoyed a nice play outside this morning, especially enjoying the sand pit. Cohen loved sitting by the fence with Mr G spotting the cars together.

Inside, we had our morning group time saying hello to each member of Senior Kindy. We practiced our counting to 10 using our fingers and then sang ‘Skinner Marinky’ and ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’. We transitioned off to activity time singing ‘Bee bee bumble bee’ which gave the children the opportunity to say their name.

Our activities that were planned for the day were focusing on our fine motor skills. We had a craft table, full of collage, glue and crayons for the children to get creative. Our Art Gallery is looking so beautiful with all the amazing art pieces the children have been working hard to do. The children used thin brushes to add the PVA glue onto their page which helped the children practice their pencil grip holding the brush.

We continue to play the colour matching peg game from yesterday where the children had to match up the colours. We focused on the names of the colours and at the end of sticking them onto the correct coloured paper the children counted their pegs.

On the last table we had scissors and play dough as scissor cutting is our focus for the week. The play dough was easy and fun to cut with the scissors. The educators helped assist the children in holding their scissors correctly, showing them how to open and close the scissors. Tomorrow we are going to try and cut up paper 😊

Senior Kindy took initiative to choose some spontaneous play experience. A small group made their way over to the big mat grabbing the long wooden plank and the triangle block to race the cars down. Miss TJ grabbed a couple more blocks to extend on their play area. The small group was now a big group with the children LOVING, racing their cars around with their friends. It was great to see the children working together to figure out sharing with the cars or a turn at the ramp. This is something Mr G and Miss TJ have been working on with the kids, is communicating our wants and needs with each other and using our problem-solving skills to think of a plan when sharing.

We ran outside for a play in the sand pit, under the shade to enjoy the cooler weather. Senior Kindy had fun digging, cooking, making TJ cupcakes, swinging on the sandpit swings and chasing each other around. We read a story called ‘Ducks Away’ which was a great numeracy learning book where we counted the ducklings as they fell into the river.

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ and Mr G