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Good Afternoon

Senior Kindergarten had a very sensory sort of day exploring their sense of touch and smells.

This morning Ellie, Asher, Zander and Lily were enjoying the shade of the tree over at the picnic tables and wooden kitchen. We grabbed some basil and a hand full of other herbs and leaves from the garden to use to smell and brake apart, adding to our pots and pans for some cooking. The children used the spoons, spatulas and a whisk to help them mix up their ingredients. Ellie said she was making some dessert. Lily said she was going to make some breakfast. The children were smelling the herbs and sharing with each other. I would love to extend on this positive group experience, investigating and exploring together.

WE had our morning tea in the After-school care room before exploring the toys and table activities for a new learning environment just for a short play then making our way to our room.

During activity time today the Senior Kindy children started some more Christmas craft to get into the spirit of Christmas. Miss Kylie found some pinecones for us to use to decorate just like Christmas trees. We used red and green glue paint to give the pinecones some colour and then bedazzled them with gold and red glitter. It was so much fun painting a different texture such as the pinecones being a bit spikey to hold onto and paint rather than pieces of paper.

The children explored around the room dressing up and role-playing Elsa (from Frozen) story protecting each other from the big bad wolf.

Before lunch we had a group discussion on Christmas and what sort of things we do around Christmas. Zander shared with us that he like the song ‘Jingle Bells’. We found the Jingle Bells song a played it through the speaker as the class clapped and sang along. We then listened to ‘Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer’. To calm our bodies down Miss TJ read the children “The Grinch, who stole Christmas’. I was so impressed by the children sitting so nicely and with their full attention on the story. They absolutely loved the story, and all expressed to me how the Grinch was not very nice stealing everyone’s presents.


  • If you have any Christmas stories you would like to bring in and share that would be GREAT!
  • We didn’t get a chance to do WATER PLAY today but we are very excited to have some play in the water TOMORROW. If you can, can you please pack swimmers and a towel for the children tomorrow.

Have a lovely afternoon

Miss TJ