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Good afternoon friends and families,

Today we welcomed Luca, Grace, Parker, Banjo, Poppy, Alanis. Zahra, Lilly, Kennedy, Henry, Dominic amd Lincoln into the yard. The children enjoyed the little bit of sunshine that we had, running around, climbing up and down the grass hill and riding bikes. We then headed indoors, for group time where we sat on the mat, read animal magic and sang 5 little monkeys. We then transitioned to the tables for morning tea.

We then set up our sunflower activity. Today we painted paper plates which will form our flower for our sunflower hallway. The children enjoyed painting them yellow, with paintbrushes. We then got out the crayons and textures to draw on paper, some of us drew cats, some of us drew monsters and some drew animals. We then played in home corner, with the building blocks, some played with dinosaurs and some decided to read books.
We then headed outdoors for a quick play before the rain came, which was good for the children to have a run around and release all their energy. it then started to rain, so we ran back undercover and inside for another grouptime where Miss Bec read us “we are going on a bear hunt” and those that listened even got a stamp!

We are all now fast asleep and rest for a god arvo.
Love Miss Bec and Miss Deb xx