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Happy Tuesday friends and families.
It was a beautiful morning for an outside play where Ellie, Zander, Asher and Harley had the chance to explore around the yard. It is so great to see them playing so nicely together and looking out for one other. Ellie and Harley were on either side of the swing pushing Zander and Asher back and forth. Ellie said “It’s like a pirate ship”. Over on the playground Zander was zipping down the slide. Asher was very keen to head down the slide but wanted a bit of guidance and support from Miss TJ. So we went down together!
Extending on the children’s enjoyment from last week listening to Miss TJ do the story of the ‘Three Billy goats gruff’ using dinosaurs as props we did it again today. This time we focused on the words small, medium and big when talking about the Billy goat characters. Ellie, Zander, Harley and Asher all had an excited expression on their face anticipating the ‘Rawrr’ from the Troll T- rex when he hears the Dinosaurs Trip Trap over the bridge. I would love to extend on their interest with the story and other fairytale stories. At activity time we left the props out from the story for the children to role play the story.
At the tables we had out playdough. Last week the children were very fascinated by the scissors on our art shelf. Today we brought them off the shelf for us to play with in the play dough. It was great to see them use their hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and to see where the children are at.

Harley chose to cut up all his playdough into small pieces and then used his hands to roll the pieces into balls. Harley did a great job at holding his scissors.

Asher struggled a little bit with his scissor grip often holding the scissors upside down but after some guidance and some practice he was cutting up his playdough and then smooshing back together again.

Zander was very excited to cut with the scissors. He also needed a bit of guidance with his scissor grip so we focused on opening and closing the scissors. Then Zander started to cut up his playdough.

Ellie said “Yay scissors! I like to do cutting” Ellie show great persistence when using the scissors making sure to hold them correctly. Ellie cut up all her play dough until it was all in pieces.

The children also had lots of fun playing with our baby dolls again in the home area. Before lunch we headed outside for a run around. Harley found a balance bridge to climb across. Soon after Zander, Ellie and Asher joined him, walking along the bridge and jumping off at the end. Zander climbed under the bridge and told everyone that he was the Troll! Very cute that they are enjoying the Billy Goat story. Ellie collaborated with Zander pretending she was the ” Biggest one” saying “Trip Trap” while she crossed the bridge. Asher joined in saying he was the “Smallest one”. They all screamed when Zander went “Rawrrr!”

Have a lovely afternoon

TJ x